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Tortosa is also a great place for shopping. In the historical centre, there are traditional shops, delicatessens and pedestrianised streets in which you can shop in comfort, while you discover the city.

Parks and Gardens

For a relaxing afternoon, reading a book, for walking, playing sports, enjoying …

Parque Teodoro González

Rio Ebro Walk

Natural parks

The Ports Nature Reserve gives you the chance to observe the Hispanic goat in its natural habitat. The otter and wild cat are also some of the protected mammals from the massif. Although we must not forget that this nature reserve is the perfect habitat for numerous bird and reptile species that are unique in the area.

Its mountain location has made it possible to conserve varied vegetation. More than 1,000 species of flower can be found, forming a geobotanical paradise.

The Delta del Ebro Nature Reserve, the second most important aquatic habitat after Doñana Park, is one of the resting places for migratory birds. Over 300 species can be observed without disturbing them.

Hunting, fishing, bird watching, sports, adventure… Everything you can imagine can be found at Tortosa, all reflected in the majestic Ebro River, the largest in the Iberian Peninsula.

Renaissance party Tortosa

Renaissance party in Tortosa – The esplendour of a 16th century town

Over 500 actors, 60 shows, 3000 townspeople, dressed in traditional costume, merchants and taverns fill the town’s streets and squares with festivities, music, joy and colour”

The walls of the town’s oldest districts are the chosen venue for Tortosa’s Renaissance Festival, held during the last two weeks of July. Subtitled The Splendour of a 16th Century Town, the festival takes us back through a whole host of entertaining and cultural activities to the 16th century, one of the most interesting times in the town’s long history.

Splendour shines brightly in the narrow, winding streets of the town’s historical centre, showing all its magnificence in the Show of Arms and Parade, in honour of the flags of the Tortosa region and town. The town council, the defence militias, representatives from the town’s districts and trades, merchants and traders, the townspeople of Tortosa as well as comedians and actors from all around take part in this parade.

The people of Tortosa line the streets and deck out their homes with plants, rugs and tapestries, torches and candles. Then they come out onto the streets to take part in the festivities and become true 16th century inhabitants for the days the festival lasts.

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