The gastronomy of The Ebro Lands is rich and varied, highlighting its vegetables, citrus fruit, the Delta rice, homemade honey and olive oil, among other typical products. Among its typical dishes include, we stand out fish dishes (cod is very typical) and seafood, as well as those made from bull meat and rabbit and “les Baldanes” (a type of blood sausage made from rice).

To accompany this exquisite gastronomy we recommend Terra Alta with certificate of origin wines. Although, if you visit Tortosa, you must try other typical drinks, such as “xarop de codony” (made from quince), herb liquor, “clarea” made from white wine and Lehman brandy produced in Tortosa.

Tortosa is famous for its traditional confectionery. You can choose between the delightful “Pastissets”, “Garrofetes del Papa” or “Coquetes de Sagí i Maria”, among others.

Among all its specialities, we recommend visitors to try the following typical dishes:

  • Faves a la Catalana (Catalan-style broad beans)
  • Calçots i la salsa romesco (Grilled scallions with Romescu sauce)
  • Escalivada (Smooky grilled eggplant, tomato and red pepper)
  • Butifarra amb Mongetes (Blood sausage with white beans)
  • Esqueixada de Bacalao (Marinated codfish salad)
  • Mar i Muntanya (Chicken and seafood in a white wine sauce)
  • Pa amb tomàquet y embutidos de la zona (Bread with tomato with local cured meats)
  • Escudella i carn d’olla (Typical soup with spiced mince balls)
  • Suquet de Peix (Fish stew)
  • And, among desserts, Crema Catalana (Crème brûlé) and Mel i Mató (ricotta cheese with honey and pine nuts)

And excellent Denomination of Origin wines from the region:

  • Peralada
  • Alella
  • Terra Alta
  • Pla de Bages
  • Priorat
  • Costers del Segre
  • Montsant
  • Conca de Barberà
  • Cava from Penedès