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Located between the natural parks of Delta del Ebre and els Ports – Tortosa Beceite, the city has soft temperatures in winter and another more Mediterranean, typical in summer. Furthermore, if you travel to Tortosa, you visit the Suda or Sant Joan castle and enjoy the beaches in Ebro Delta. Or you want to go to Port Aventura.

SB Hotel Corona Tortosa presents you the destinations and touristic routes to experience the best environment of the historical city and its traditions.

1-    Suda or Sant Joan Castle

It is one of the most well-known architectural buildings in Tortosa because it stands out on the top of the old town.

The castle was once a fortress during the Muslim period of Al-Andalus in Tortosa. After the Christian conquest, it was converted to a jail and, afterwards, a royal residence for the King Jaume I. It is nowadays declared Place of Cultural Interest because it has the unique Arabisch open-air cemetery in Catalonia and Parador de Turismo.

2-    The Cathedral of Santa Maria and Holy Week Interpretation Centre

Another impressive building is the cathedral. It has the permanent exhibition Santa Maria de Tortosa, which exposes all the cultural heritage of the city. It is the best way to understand the history and its role during the centuries.

You should visit the Holy Week Interpretation Centre, which is located at the old church of Sant Antoni Abad. It is a singular religious landmark to be abreast how it was celebrated the Holy Week in Tortosa and how it is nowadays celebrated.

3-     The Royal Schools and the Renaissance Interpretation Centre

They are a compilation of the architecture during the 16th century. Its courtyard has bust of the kings of the Crown of Aragon and the king Carlos V from Spain. That is why it outstands because of its uniqueness.

The Sant Jaume and Sant Maties schools, the Santo Domingo and also the Sant Jordi are part of the Royal Schools. There is also the Renaissance Interpretation Centre. It disseminates the knowledge during the Renaissance festival, a memorable historical fest.

4-    The  Prince’s gardens

Jardines del Príncipe en Tortosa

The Prince’s gardens in Tortosa

The romantic garden has an outdoor sculpture museum and it is located in the old spa of Porcar. There is a collection of 48 sculptures which shows the history of the human evolution, as well as a botanical collection with indigenous species. It was inaugurated in 1989 by Prince Felipe. For this reason, this place it is called the Prince’s gardens.

5-    Route in the Jewish quarter, the walk of the Fortifications and ruta Modernista.

If you like walking through history, revive the past of Tortosa taking a stroll through its historical places.

Meet the ancient aljama and its narrow streets through the route in the Jewish quarter, while you are enjoying the landscape of the Jewish quarter among castles, mountains and the Ebro river.

Following hardly the same route, you can do the walk of the Fortifications which you can visit the bastions, the defensive walls and fortifications of Tortosa. Discover the city’s role during the Middle Age.

Walking through Ruta Modernista, you will contemplate the Modernist architecture and the economic and social boom occurred at the end of 19th century and at the beginning of 20th century. There are gorgeous buildings, which combine bricks with ceramic, and gardens.

6-    Via Verde

If you love the nature, you must walk through this ancient train rail converted into the Via Verde, which runs across Baix Ebre, Terra Alta till Alcañíz (Aragón). It is the perfect combination for sport and tourism, while enjoying the local landscape.

7-    Natural Park of Ebro Delta and Natural Park Ports – Tortosa Beceite

Tortosa is surrounded by two natural parks, which let you appreciate the singular landscape of Tortosa and its fauna and flora.

The Ebro Delta is the second most important wetland in Spain, which the biodiversity and agriculture reconcile. Furthermore, its well-kept beaches are very peaceful for a summer day.

On the other hand, Els Ports – Tortosa Beceite offers a mountainous landscape. The calcareous massif is full of wildlife fauna, perfect for animal spotting.

Tortosa is an ideal destination for the family with its cultural, sportive and natural offers. You can easily enjoy the nature, the historical open-air routes or merely visit the city. Discover Tortosa by SB Corona Hotel and choose which offer is the best for your travel.

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Holidays with kids

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The enjoyment of travelling with family is immensely proportional to the joyfulness of each member.  At SB Hotels, we want to provide the kids with a joy experience and the parents with a pleasant memory.

For this reason, we have created special offer thinking with families with children , which includes:

    • First kid free, sharing a room with two adults
    • Family rooms adapted to accommodate all the family
    • Kids’ channels in each room
    • Infantile menu at restaurant
    • Baby carriage free at disposal
    • Swimming pool
    • We have a Kids Corner and Playground at SB BCN Events
    • At breakfast, we have an infantile Buffet area at SB Diagonal Zero
    • Welcome pack. All children with ages 10 and under will be welcomed with an original gift at our hotel


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3 reasons why you will enjoy your family holidays at hotel for kids.

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Hotel vacaciones para niños

Hotel for family holidays

Holidays are this desired space-time, as needed, for disconnecting with your family. One of the multiple destinations you would be considering going for holidays is the Mediterranean coast line of Spain. There are many cities to discover and activities to do.

You can travel to Barcelona, with a range of cultural and leisure activities, Castelldefels or to the historical metropolis of Tarragona, with different beaches and the theme park of Port Aventura. There is also Tortosa, where environmental tourism in the Ebro Delta or the Ports Tortosa – Beseit can be made. All of them are perfect holiday destinations for the family and they provide a wide gamut of offers, which will also be enjoyed by the children.

SB Hotels is located in these four cities. And, obviously, has offers for families with children. That is why we explain you about the offer free kids and the facilities of our family hotels.

1-    Know the benefits of our hotels for kids

We are Family Hotels in our establishments of the chain SB. Our facilities are designed in order that the families enjoy the holidays with total comfort and well-being. Furthermore, we have a special offer for the youngest guests.

There is available the accommodation and breakfast service free for a child aged 2 – 10, accompanied by two adults. Once the family have arrived, the kid will receive material for his/her adventure in the hotel – bag, a colouring book and coloured pencils.

Hotel vacaciones para niños

Hotel for family holidays

Not only this, but our hotels for families are also designed by which all the family can be distracted. There playground children on the gardens for the youngest and special facilities where adults can enjoy.

For instance, in our hotel BCN Events, we have a playground in the garden and a Kids Corner, where the children can be entertained with a slate wall and all kind of joys.  Moreover, there is full visibility from the pool.

2-    Enjoy the facilities of our hotels for families

At SB Hotels we give the families the possibility to stay in rooms especially designed for them, the Family Rooms. They have intimate spaces for all the members, likewise all details and services are taken care to ensure an optimum stay.

We have family rooms at SB Diagonal Zero, SB Icaria, SB Plaza Europa, SB BCN Events, SB Ciutat de Tarragona, SB Tarragona Express and SB Corona Tortosa.  All of them were designed for the parents’ comfort and the joy of the children.

3-    There is a wide range of offers for families in the sorrounding area

Barcelona, Castelldefels, Tarragona and Tortosa have different kind of activities to do and place to go sightseeing. Familiar tourism, experiencing the popular fests, visiting the natural parks, doing green tracks, going to the beach, spend a day at theme parks, among other activities.

Each city has its own personality and provides its offer to families, which can be adapted to your preferences. It is only necessary to plan the holidays in order that all of your family enjoy the time and are satisfied with.

There is no doubt! You know now the advantages of each hotel for children, as well as our facilities to enjoy and the offers for families in our surrounding areas.

Moreover, we strived daily to provide the best service. That is why we have thought the best way to satisfy your needs. You can also check out the quality of our hotel for families at Tripadvisor, as well as it valuation.

Enjoy the family holidays at SB Hotels.

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